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“The nutritional power of coconuts is far underrated”

Not only do coconuts have a high nutritional value but has a lot of byproducts such as massage oil, cooking oil, skin moisturizer, base ingredients for organic cosmetics, stable carrier oil for other dietary supplements, etc.

Coconut at a glance

At a stage of about 6 months a coconut can be used for drinking purposes. These particular coconuts are still young and contain only water. At about 7 months old a coconut will start to grow a thin layer of meat, the so called jelly meat. From that point a coconut will get sweeter as it ripens and the jelly meat will get thicker. As a coconut keeps on maturing, the meet continues to grow thicker. While the content of the meat increases, the content of the water decreases. Once a coconut gets to about 10 months, it is no longer filled with the same amount of water as it was at 6 months old. At the point it reaches a maturity level of about 12 months, the color will change from green or yellow to brown and it will fall from the tree naturally. At this stage a coconut has matured fully and contains a very high fat content of the white meat.

About us

Masila is a start-up business licensed to supply fresh coconuts. Due to our thorough selection process of our suppliers, we can guarantee supply of the freshest coconuts. Our broad network of suppliers allows us a year-round supply and most important of all, we only collaborate with organic growers. Thus, no artificial pesticides, artificial fertilizers or unnatural additives. We can supply coconuts of all maturity and can therefore meet the specific demand of each and every client.

The company’s goal is one of a multi-faceted success. We strive to turn a one-time customer into a loyal customer by making the experience of doing business with us a professional and enjoyable one. Besides P from profit, we also stands for 2 other P’s; people and planet. Therefore, we are customer-oriented and responsive to change, balanced by a clear understanding that value and quality guide our decision making. We work in a transparent, sustainable and responsible way throughout all facets of our business.


Masila will center its sales strategy on distributing to wholesalers, retailers, and the processing industry. We understand that communication with growers could be very demanding, especially in developing countries as their focus lies on growing. We will take that load away from you so you can focus your efforts exclusively on selling. Let the growers be under our care and let us streamline the delivery of the freshest coconuts straight from the growers to your doorsteps.

Added value customers

Sustainable cooperation

  • Diversification of suppliers
  • Year round delivery
  • Organic production

Streamlined logistics

  • Responsive to needs
  • Experience
  • Cost efficient

Our products

Brown coconuts

Brown coconuts in contrary to young coconuts have very little content of water. The water inside at this point is not so sweet. At this stage the coconut is used for its thick layer of white meat. The lighter in weight the coconut gets the less water it contains, thus the richer the fat content. This thick meat is processed into coconut oil, cooking oil, desiccated coconut, etc. or can be eaten as it contains important minerals such as manganese, copper, selenium, phosphorus, potassium, and iron.

Nutritional value per 100 gram:

  • 364 kcal
  • 35g fat
  • 9,4g carbs
  • 3,5g protein
  • 12,2g fiber

Drinkable coconuts

For drinking purposes, coconuts are picked from the trees when they are still young. Young coconuts contains more water since the water of the coconut is replaced by the white meat as the coconut matures. The nutritious water contains a lot of minerals and vitamins. Many, however, confuse coconut milk with coconut water. Coconut milk is made from the white meat of the coconut and coconut water is the clear liquid inside the fruit. The liquid inside will be the sweetest when the coconut is around 7 months old. At this stage it contains the perfect balance of nutrients.

Nutritional value per 100 gram:

  • 18 kcal
  • 0,2g fat
  • 3,7g carbs
  • 0,72g protein
  • 1,1g fiber

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