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Coconuts have a high nutritional value and have a lot of byproducts such as cooking oil, skin moisturizer, and is the base ingredient for the Coco Kaboom alcoholic beverage product line.


Our Products

Coco Kaboom

This unique high quality coconut liquor is made with real coconut water. Each organic coconut is converted into a self-contained aging barrel. Then clean spirit and some spice is used to tease out the coconut flavor from the flesh, and then the liquor and coconut water is aged together. The result is a very eco-friendly, gluten-free, vegan suitable treat with a guaranteed shelf life of over 6 months. 

Sizes available : 220 ml and 350 ml

Alcohol percentage : 14% alcohol

Coco Liquor

A unique glass bottle, aged and served in a real coconut. A real coconut is used a design for the glass bottle.It is shaped like a coconut, and is so unique you won’t find it anywhere. 

Sizes available : 750 ml

Alcohol percentage : 21% alcohol

Miskito Coast Coconut Rum

Miskito Coast Coconut Rum is pure coconut water.
No artificial colors or flavors. Served in a unique coconut glass bottle.

Sizes available : 750 ml

Alcohol percentage : 40% alcohol

1.5 L bag

Aged with real coconuts.
The bag is light, easy to carry and ergonomically is to facilitate pouring with spilling.

Sizes available : 1.5 L

Alcohol percentage : 21% alcohol

Brown Coconuts

Caribbean coconuts are well husked, well-shaped, with a very fine appearance and fairly thick meat. Each nut is hand inspected, cleaned, washed, disinfected, and allowed to dry before final packing

Please feel free to contact us with your questions or required specifications.

About us

Masila, established in 2019 is the exclusive import partner for all Coco Kaboom products and can supply to all parts of the world. The demand for organic products will continue to grow in the future. In response to this, we strategically selected to center our sales activities only on high quality products produced organically.

Masila is customer-focused and responsive to the needs of the customer, balanced by a clear understanding that value and quality guide our decision making. We guarantee year round delivery and strive to making the experience of doing business with us a professional and sustainable one. Get in touch now!

Wholesale & Retail

Masila centers its sales strategy on distributing to wholesalers and retailers and can streamline delivery straight to your doorsteps.

Added value to our customers:

  • Responsive to your needs
  • Logistic services
  • Year round delivery
  • Take care of your packaging wishes
  • Offer you expertise in sales and marketing
  • Support with defining sales strategies to meet the specific demands in your market

This way business can be made easier for you in order for you to generate more revenue. Put our experience to work for you!

Please feel free to contact us with your questions or required specifications.


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Masila, the exclusive supplier of the Coco Kaboom alcoholic beverage product line!